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MTV, a “Forever Young” Brand

Recently MTV has changed its logo, stripped the phrase “music television” and is embracing its reality television programming. MTV’s CEO Judy McGrath, did an interview with Ad Age and calls this change a reaction to the times and deems MTV “of the moment” brand. The reference that MTV is a forever young brand kept popping up throughout the interview which raises a great question: does MTV merely mirror the youth culture or shape it? Judy McGrath believes that the brand relates to its consumers and that programming like “Jersey Shore” is about the rhythm of being young and fits into what is relevant and important to its audience.

Strategically, MTV has positioned itself to remain successful by taking risks and continuously working on remaining current. Although it looks like a brand that “gets it,” does MTV ultimately have a responsibility towards its audience to be a better influence? Is that even a relevant question to be asked of an entertainment brand?

Perhaps there is no such thing as wholesome entertainment anymore, but it takes a courageous brand to inspire and empower, is MTV that brand? Based on the current strategy and line-up, the answer would have to be no, but MTV has proven to shock us time after time so it could happen, anything is possible…

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