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Air Force Rewards Families Through Social Media

The Air Force is celebrating its families and doing so through a clever use of social media. Launching the website, the Air Force is running contests to reward families through uploading videos, pictures or other creative assets that describe their Air Force Story. The current contest centers around 30-60 video clips and the winners in true digital media spirit get $2,000 worth of equipment to better tell their stories.

This website is not only a great tool to raise morale and offer something different, but also becomes a great place to gain a better understanding of Airmen and their families. Although this website is mostly meant to be a tool internal to the Air Force, the winners will be featured on the Pentagon channel and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service channel.

This would be a great website to showcase to the civilian community and show the stories of the Air Force families-a great way to bridge the gap and give a firsthand look into the lives of those protecting our freedoms and serving in the Air Force. For the rest of this story please see this link:

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