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Army Revamps Training to Better Resonate With Millennials

There has been a lot of discussion on how the millennial/gen-y generation has shaken up the workplace and employers have actually had to adapt in order to bring out the best out of these individuals. Even the US Army has noticed that this generation is different than the previous, especially from a physical fitness level. I had the privilege of being on a bloggers round table with LTG Mark Hertling, Training and
Doctrine Command Deputy Commanding General – Initial Military Training who discussed changes to IMT (Initial Military Training) to better prepare today’s soldiers for their jobs.

While many changes that were made to IMT reflect the types of situations soldiers will be put into, the actual differences in the personnel attending the training made a big difference as well. LTG Hertling discussed the new personnel is coming in less physically fit than their prior counterparts, requiring changes to training in order to assure the safety of the soldiers. It is fascinating that even with some limitations, the “Wii Generation” as LTG Hertling referred to the new soldiers will still come out of IMT with superior training. Cultural training in order tounderstand the nuances of the regions soldiers may be deployed to, is another addition that should make IMT more effective. To get a complete look at the changes visit this TRADOC (US Army Training and Doctrine Command) link :

What I found most interesting from LTG Hertling’s discussion was the fact that social media will soon become something soldiers are trained on as it is seen as a crucial communication tool; CSDA, Connecting Soldiers to Digital Applications will incorporate the latest technologies as part of IMT. Army’s commitment to the use of Social Media is evident as they understand the importance of the tools and will be training future soldiers on the applications. It is good to know that everyone will be encouraged and properly trained on these tools, not just the leadership. With the new changes set to be in place, the new wave of soldiers should be in good hands. When it comes to the military, its people are always the most important asset. Proper training is one of the most important steps towards success, and Army’s TRADOC Command is working hard to continue delivering the best preparation possible.


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