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Saving Abel Goes on a First USO Tour

Rockers Saving Abel are known for supporting the troops through shout outs at concerts and performing at bases stateside. They are currently on their first USO tour and I am hopeful that they will be sharing plenty of stories about what it is really like to interact and entertain the troops that are stationed overseas. With the capabilities of social media sharing content has never been easier and it is my hope that Saving Abel and the USO will utilize these tools and give us a behind the scenes look at what it is like performing for the troops.

While bands performing overseas are doing so much for the morale of the troops and lifting their spirits, it is important for the American public to be reminded of the sacrifices are troops are making. It is through the content that that the USO and the bands themselves provide that we can all get a closer look at our troops in a different setting than the news typically provide.

3 comments on “Saving Abel Goes on a First USO Tour

  1. Garry
    February 26, 2010

    They need to start visiting smaller FOBs

    • majastevanovich
      February 26, 2010

      i agree garry!

  2. Marylee
    March 9, 2010

    Love the posts — informative and fun.

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