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SGT BBQ-The Serious Art of Grilling While in Afghanistan

The Washington Post came out with a very uplifting article about a soldier serving overseas that didn’t want to give up one of his favorite past times, BBQ’ing. A very interesting story about how he obtained a grill and what it meant to him and his unit can be read here:

The part of the article that really stuck out was where Sgt. BBQ talks about how a simple act of grilling that most of us take for granted was something that meant a great deal to him.

You can eat your food all different ways. You can munch it raw. You can microwave it. If you’re a soldier in the U.S. Army, you can rip open an MRE. But that just provides physical nourishment. It doesn’t provide the community we feel at a Fourth of July barbecue, a Father’s Day cookout, a Labor Day pig roast.
“It was a really good release for all of us: looking at a live fire and the low sizzle of good smelling food,” Sgt. BBQ wrote. “We lived for a while in chaos and that was a respite [of] some sort and I am sure there were good psychological benefits as well. Grilling is a straight-up guy thing and we took it to the next level

It is great to read stories like these that are not only uplifting but also gives us a more intimate look at those serving and a closer glimpse into their lives while overseas. Bridging the gap between the military and civilian communities is much easier when the media lends a helping hand and features stories like these.


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