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Army Takes Mental Fitness Seriously

The Army is continuing to make strides toward better preparing soldiers and their families for mental strain of deployments and all that they go through. Mental resiliency has been a hot topic in the Army community and the latest step is an opening of a resilience school in April at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. The Master Resilience Training school will open on April 5th and focus on better equipping soldiers on how to deal with stress and many principals are rooted in positive psychology. An earlier post talks about how positive psychology is incorporated in this type of training.

The goal of this training is to have soldiers that will handle adversity in a better way, communicate more effectively with their loved ones and handle the strains they are faced with in a better way. Enhancing this type of training is especially important as it is one step closer to figuring out how to deal with PTSD.


One comment on “Army Takes Mental Fitness Seriously

  1. ohonline
    March 26, 2010

    This is great news. Anything we can do to help erase the stigma of asking for help will benefit our troops and their families.

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