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The Pentagon Being Moved…to Kansas

Deemed one of the biggest moves in history, Army announced today that it will move the Pentagon to western part of Kansas. Direct quote from the Army:

“The move will take place in three primary phases,” said Johnson. “Initially we will use a giant crane to lift the building onto a barge in the Potomac River. From there we will float the barge down the Atlantic Coast and into the Gulf of Mexico. Then, we will sail the Pentagon up the Mississippi River to just south of St. Louis. In the final stage, we will place the building on large flat-bed trucks and drive it the rest of the way.”

To get the rest of this story and get an appreciation for some Army April Fool’s humor, see the full article.

The fact that the Army is participating in April Fool’s day is a great way to show that even the most serious of institutions can have a sense of humor. Early this morning I received a text from a good friend asking if this was actually true. The individual used the power of Google only to be diverted back to the original story. The Army should be pleased; at least one person fell for it! This should be a lesson to us all, always read the whole story and the fine print on the bottom.


One comment on “The Pentagon Being Moved…to Kansas

  1. emilyhaha
    April 1, 2010

    Yes! I love that the military has a sense of humor. Be sure to check out the new programs the USO announced today 😉

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