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Saving Abel Gives an Amazing Performance for Military Bloggers

The military blogging conference took place this past weekend and it was a treat to be in the presence of top military bloggers and the amazing panelists that included some top brass in the military. Military bloggers that cover a wide array issues that have to do with the military community were all able to get together and continue the conversations that are taking place in these blogs. While the conference covered a lot of serious issues, one event that was more lighthearted was the extremely heartfelt performance by rockers Saving Abel.

Coming off a USO tour and known for their support of the troops, Saving Abel reaffirmed this in a big way by giving an amazing acoustic performance for the military bloggers. It is not often that you get to see a softer side of guys that put on one of the most energetic shows out there. After the performance, the band stuck around to sign autographs and talk to the bloggers. When it comes to artists that are the real deal in supporting the troops, Saving Abel defines that. The entertainment world greatly influences how the general public perceives the troops. Influencers have the ability to bring attention to important issues and it is nice to see that Saving Abel is taking that responsibility seriously.

Saving Abel signing autographs for milbloggers

Saving Abel with me

Saving Abel with Greta Perry of and

Saving Abel with Mrs. Greyhawk of the Mudville Gazette


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