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Army Taps Into Entertainment Industry for Training

Today’s movies and video games are so technologically advanced that in certain instances audiences feel as if they are a part of the story. The capabilities of these technologies are so great that the military has taken an interest in exploring how the technology can enhance its training. Looking how to improve soldier readiness, the Army is always looking for innovative solutions to incorporate the latest technology in its missions. University of Southern California’s Institute of Creative Technologies and the US Army are involved in a partnership where the entertainment world is actually using some of the technology from movies and video games. According to the University and the Army, it involves a “unique blend of story-telling, creativity and cutting-edge computer technology designed to realistically portray complex, fast-changing scenarios.”

The applications that are created have the ability to be more engaging and more effective. From counter-insurgency training, a Counter-IED interactive trainer and treating PTSD, there is an array of different technologies from the entertainment side that the Army is incorporating into the trainings mentioned above. The convergence of the military and entertainment is an interesting one and may offer solutions for military on some fronts. To learn more about the Army partnership with USC, take a look at this article:


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