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Haiti Relief is Still Happening

The telethons have stopped, it is no longer a trending topic on twitter, and the news aren’t running constant coverage; despite all of that, the relief mission in Haiti is still going strong. The one consistent entity that is providing updates is the US military. It shouldn’t be surprising that our society tends to quickly forget about issues the moment they stop getting news coverage; it is interesting, and also telling what continues to get constant coverage (seems like we can’t ever get enough of the Jersey Shore or Dancing With the Stars).

In the case of Haiti that has slipped off the main news radar, US military personnel are still over there contributing to rescue and rebuilding efforts. Airmen that are members of the 35th and 88th Aerial Port squadrons that arrived in Haiti in mid-February are in Haiti responsible for passenger and humanitarian cargo movement, training, and search and rescue. All of the military branches have contributed and while most have gotten out by this point, the Air Force is still assisting the people of Haiti. To learn more about 24th Air Expeditionary Group based out of McGuire AFB, visit this article:

While it is understandable why we don’t want to get constant reminders of some of the bigger tragedies, it is worth recognizing and mentioning those that are still there providing relief and making a big difference.


2 comments on “Haiti Relief is Still Happening

  1. Amy Akomas
    April 15, 2010

    Good reminder. Yes, we get used to the images at some point and then stop watching. It is good to remember that the road to recovery for these stricken places is a very long one.

    • majastevanovich
      April 16, 2010

      thanks for reading amy! i agree with you, it is a much longer road to healing than news coverage allows us to realize.


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