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Smart Phones As Military Tools

Smart phones are on the rise and our new found love for social media and networking makes it difficult not to own one. The capabilities these phones offer are truly great and can meet a lot of needs. One group that is looking to capitalize on these capabilities is the US military. 192 smart phones from various manufacturers will arrive at an Army complex for testing.

The phone and application capabilities can help in multiple military operation aspects. From using GPS to find precise location of soldiers in need or targets to actually using the phones to help operate other technology. These phones can be programmed to send and receive encrypted signals that are nearly impossible to tap into. Erasing date remotely if the phones fall in the wrong hands is another helpful feature that can help the military.

Aside from using the phones in the battle field, the phones can also tap into MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) uses such as finding out what is going on at their base or needing specific information on programs offered.

It is no surprise that smart phones and their applications would find uses in the military. These applications can hopefully make it easier for soldiers to do their jobs.

2 comments on “Smart Phones As Military Tools

  1. Glenn Mark Cassel
    April 19, 2010

    And I thought it was amazing when we got satellite TV at sea in the early nineties!
    I work with guys who have the droid and other new wizbang phones for everything. None of them have a land line at home.

  2. Sean
    April 28, 2010

    The iPod touch has already come in very handy in theater as a tool in managing data from drones, satellites, and ground sensors!!

    And thats nothing compared to the iPad. I would have loved to carry that around in my map case / flight bag instead of the lbs of documents, maps, and manuals that I lugged everywhere over there.

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