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Who are the Master Drivers for the First Family?

There are plenty of interesting jobs when it comes to the working for the President. Although military service may help obtain some of these jobs, when it comes to the master drivers for the first family they are recruited from the military. The White House Transportation Agency made a stop at Fort Hood to speak to top Army transportation NCOs (non-commissioned officers) to recruit them to serve as master drivers for the first family, White House staff, and official visitors of the first family in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

There are a lot of benefits that come with this assignment, ranging from Presidential Service Badge to education opportunities and of course, staying at the same hotel with the President and the first family can be considered a perk of the job as well.

For those that have served and are willing to explore and continue looking, the military offers unique once in a lifetime opportunities. Like with any other job, those that are willing to go above and beyond and continue to look for new possibilities, the military rewards them by providing jobs that would be very difficult or maybe even impossible to obtain in the civilian world.


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