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Drew Brees Takes a Ride with the Air Force Thunderbirds

There are a handful of celebrities that take supporting of the troops as a part of their duty while in the public eye. Drew Brees is one that belongs to that club, doing 5 USO tours and recognizing military men and women wherever he can. This past weekend, Brees took a ride with the US Air Force Thunderbirds at the Barksdale Air Force Base air show in Louisiana.

Taking a ride with the US Air Force Thunderbirds, he had a once in a life time experience while showing support at the air show that drew big crowds of both military and local attendees in the Shreveport, LA area. When it comes to celebrities openly embracing the military community it brings positive attention to the men and women in uniform as the average individual highly values celebrities and what they promote. It is important that the general public can see our troops both in and out of combat zones to truly be able to understand and appreciate all that they do.

To see amazing video footage of Drew Brees on the F-16 Fighting Falcon and to learn more about what he did while at Barksdale Air Force Base, visit

For those that don’t live in areas where there are such events put on by the military and that still want to experience the military community, facebook and twitter have plenty of pages that engage the public with various command missions that would be of interest. Although not as powerful as being there in person, social media pages by the different branches and commands do offer some rather compelling content that may turn regular folks into military enthusiasts.


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