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Encouraging Gen Y to Serve

Admiral Mullen, the highest ranking military official gave a commencement speech to the 2010 graduates of Florida A&M University and urged them to think about a career in service. He didn’t concentrate on only military service, instead urged the graduates to think about other ways in which an individual can serve their country, may it be through the Peace Corp, local or federal government service or simply volunteering.

In a society that tends to measure success through money and a high value is placed on being “famous” it can be a challenge to articulate the benefits of a career in service. With the advent of social media it becomes easier to connect to this generation and share why careers in service would be appealing. Admiral Mullen brought up some great points about service, emphasizing that there are many ways to make a difference. It is important to be reminded of that, especially at a time when individuals can choose, and perhaps change their career paths without much consequence. To learn more about what Admiral Mullen said to the new grads, follow this link:

To look more into motivating youth towards public service, see this earlier post that talks about media’s role in that pursuit.


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