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Wounded Warriors Fight On

We often hear about the large numbers of injured service members coming back from the war. What doesn’t always make the front page of a newspaper is the fact that many wounded warriors come back with an incredible will to get back to their units or just continue being active and leading normal lives. The Wounded Warrior Project, amongst other non-for-profit and government groups organize events for these heroes to test their abilities and integrate back into daily activities.

One such event happened at the end of April, The “Whitehouse to Lighthouse” a three-day, 72-mile trek from the Whitehouse to the Thomas Point lighthouse in Chesapeake Bay, MD as a part of a rehabilitation cycling program for combat-wounded veterans.

Not only is it motivational for the wounded veterans, but also everyone watching and participating, including active duty soldiers.

Master Sgt. Draffen, an active duty participant, had this to say:

It’s incredibly inspirational to see all of these wounded warriors do this ride despite having, what some would consider, physical disadvantages. One of our team members is a wounded warrior who rides as an amputee; to see people like that, doing everything that we do with limitations that we don’t, 
brings me to phenomenal realizations. One, how lucky I am and; two, how much more we should support them.

It is always amazing to witness those that have served our country and have sustained serious injuries to be so positive and to serve as an inspiration to others. True testaments to the spirit of America’s service members, wounded veterans are a constant reminder to all of us that we all need to do our part to support them.

To read more about the “Whitehouse to Lighthouse” event, visit this story:

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