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Our Responsibilities as Citizens

Mr. Robert Gates, the Defense Secretary spoke to the graduates of Morehouse College and urged the graduates to think about service. “We hear a lot in the United States about our rights as citizens, but what we don’t hear enough about … are our responsibilities as citizens,” Mr. Gates said.

It is interesting that Mr. Gates chose to mention the fact that there is not enough discussion about service; yet, there are plenty of individuals that are not happy with the way the country is run or citizen rights in general. Mr. Gates urges the graduates to use their skills, knowledge and spirit to partake in careers where they can make a change and a positive impact.

If students got exposed to this message earlier on in their collegiate or even high school careers, there would be a higher influx of those wanting to serve. It isn’t necessarily a case of proper advertisement or education, instead, a matter of positioning these careers as elite. It is necessary to attract top talent to fill positions of service as those are the individuals that have the ability to make a serious impact and it is important for them to be intelligent and passionate individuals.

Mr. Gates makes a comment about those choosing careers in service:

Millions of Americans have chosen careers in civic service as police, firefighters, teachers, nurses or elected or appointed officials. “If, in an unguarded moment, you asked the public servants I have known what their motivation was, you’d learn that – no matter how outwardly tough or jaded – they mostly were, and are, in their heart of hearts, romantics and idealists,” he said. “And optimists.”

To hear more about what he had to say to the graduates, and to learn more about Mr. Gates, follow this link:


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