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Army Wives Ties in the USO

I can’t say enough about Army Wives and the way the show has brought out military issues to pop culture. There are many out there that don’t believe the representation is always 100% accurate but it is to be expected. With the entertainment value and dramatization, it is a given and something as audiences we need to grow to accept. Most importantly, the show has given a voice to the home front and an opportunity for every day Americans to get a small glimpse into life on post.

The current season has brought out heavy topics such as suicide prevention, domestic abuse, and other serious issues. It is important for every day viewers to see some of these struggles that families face and how the Army family overcomes them. The show has done a fantastic job with their online community, connecting real Army wives across the globe. With their latest episode they delved into branded entertainment. While it was a wise and smart choice to showcase such a worthy organization such as the USO, the way it was done was authentic and brought audiences closer to understanding why the work that the USO does is extremely crucial.

The issue of morale and boosting that morale gets lost in the shuffle with so many other issues seeming bigger and more important, but the well being of our men and women overseas and at home should be the top priority. If you ever get a chance to speak to a service member about their experience in the service most will fondly reflect on their memories of a USO show and how it much it meant to have that little piece of home there for a visit and to show that the entertainers truly do care.

No matter the opinion on the artistic quality or factual accuracy of Army Wives, it is important to note that they are bringing military families to prime time and getting every day Americans to if nothing else reflect and think about what our service members and their families are going through. For that alone the show should be considered a great success.

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