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Army Lacrosse Underdogs Give Us All Hope And Inspiration

Described as the biggest upset in college lacrosse history, the Army Knights managed to defeat Syracuse, who had won 14 out of the last 15 meetings.

Coaches and players say the conditioning, discipline, and focus on detail, teamwork and leadership helped Army do more with less. Tyler Oates, a senior who plans to attend Airborne and Ranger training before heading, he assumes, to Afghanistan, said West Point’s training for war was just as applicable to sports.

“We never go on the field saying, ‘We’re going to give them a heck of a fight,’ or ‘We’re going to play our best,’ ” he said, adding: “You’re not going to go into Afghanistan saying ‘I hope I do all right.’ That’s life or death, not win or lose, but what makes you think the way you approach a lacrosse game should be different than the way you approach a training exercise or when you actually go to war?”

While the Knights were defeated by Cornell this weekend and didn’t make the final four, their journey has been an inspiration to all that witnessed it. Sports tend to give us more than just a team to cheer for, and in this instance, the men on the Army Knight’s lacrosse team were able to bring the excitement of an underdog to the Army family as well as other lacrosse enthusiasts.

While the West Point athletes will go on to serve their country after their lacrosse days are over, they were able to showcase their program in the best possible light and show the fighting spirit of the Army Knights on a national platform.

ESPN provided a free feed of the game to anyone with an AKO/DKO account, while the American Forces Network also broadcast the game to those deployed overseas.

One comment on “Army Lacrosse Underdogs Give Us All Hope And Inspiration

  1. Douglas Gillespie
    May 27, 2010

    Dear Maja,

    Thanks,so much for the report on the Army-

    Syracuse lacrosse game.Wa-Ho! That game must

    have been fantastic.Every year Syracuse is near

    the top.Boy,I would have loved to see that game.

    It’s almost one of the top sports stories for

    this year.

    One year I had the opportunity to see the

    great football star playing lacrosse against

    R.P.I.(Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)playing

    on R.P.I’s field.It was James Brown who became

    a pro football legend with the Cleveland Browns.

    He won awards in lacrosse,and football.

    He was an imposing player with great speed,and

    fantastic strength and agility.

    I was a regular follower of the R.P.I. lacrosse

    team.I also went to just about every home

    ice hockey team.Just about every year Army

    beat R.P.I.It was their athletic ability,and

    fantastic physical conditioning that tired out the


    Thanks for that report.

    All the best,


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