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In Search of Higher Education, Individuals Consider the Military

Due to the recession military services have enjoyed a spike in recruiting. Most are having the opportunity to be pickier when it comes to letting in new recruits. In the past, most of the recruits were 17-21 years old. In the latest set of nearly 600 recruits, more than half are 25-32 years old, as many as 60 are 39 to 42 years old.

A little more mature recruit force that’s coming in probably has a shorter learning curve so it’s all been beneficial all the way around,” said Sgt. Jeffrey Bradshaw, Army Recruiting Command.

The emphasis the military puts on education isn’t necessarily something that jumps out to the general public. Encouraging and in many cases financially supporting its force to get bachelor and graduate degrees is a big draw when looking at the military for a career option. While the older demographic is typically more mature when it comes to a career paths it makes sense the educational benefits would be a big draw.

Currently, the services are enjoying an upswing in recruiting and perhaps may even look into a strategy to retain a success with the older demographic. However, the younger group cannot be forgotten. As the recruiting environment is thriving this is a perfect time to test strategies for the future years as there are many obstacles that will be coming to recruiters, obesity being one of the biggest ones. There are so many articles published each day about services exceeding their goals yet we don’t see much on what is being done to continue the innovation on the recruiting front as it will be very important once the economy gets into better shape.


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