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National Guard Apprenticeship Program Initiative

The National Guard means business when it comes to offering second chances to high school drop outs see this post ( or offering serious job training for its Soldiers. Recently, an apprenticeship program was started to give even more options to those looking to gain skills that will translate into the civilian world upon completion of service. Providing tangible skills becomes a recruiting incentive for those that are unsure if military skills can transfer to the civilian sector.

According to the National Guard, the apprenticeship program (GAPI) initiative was created to help Soldiers improve their job skills and establish a lifetime career. In a partnership with the Department of Labor (DOL) and in coordination with Veterans Administration (VA) offices this initiative attempts to train Guard Soldiers for careers in the civilian sectors.

Coined an “earn while you learn” experience, Guard Soldiers learn new concepts and skills while obtaining a national certification in one of over 100 trades. The Soldiers are getting the training while earning wages. Eligible Soldiers receive VA educational benefits while they pursue an apprenticeship program that is spread out over 200 military occupational specialties. Apprenticeship training takes one to five years to complete or 2,000 documented work hours to become fully qualified in an occupation or trade.

In the current economic climate, this type of hands-on training becomes an attractive option to those looking to solidify skills and make themselves more marketable when it comes to a particular trade. The National Guard has the ability to pilot some programs that other services have not explored and has become an entity that offers many lessons and take-aways.


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