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Military Embraces Bloggers

The military has been embracing the blogosphere by hosting bloggers roundtables and inviting local and prominent bloggers to various events. When it comes to getting involved with a local community or showcasing a particular message to a unique audience, getting involved with the blogging community is always a winning scenario.

The latest example is from the Air Force Pacific Forces Command. Inviting thirteen bloggers to watch simulated and real-world cargo dropped to Marines from two C-17 Globemaster III as part of RIMPAC exercise. RIMPAC, a biennial exercise in its 22nd year, stresses interoperability of all partner nations as a key element of regional stability. The exercise includes 14 nations, 32 ships, five submarines, more than 170 aircraft and 20,000 participants.

“Blogging is another form of communication, and it allows us the opportunity to reach a different audience and maybe a bit younger audience,” said Lt. Col. Andrew J. Leshikar, the 535th AS commander. “It’s great that this group could come in and learn something about what we do.”

The military has figured out that getting involved with bloggers allows for the type of coverage with real influencers. While bloggers may never have the reach traditional media does, the influence over the audience is impressive and it seems that it is in the military’s best interest to continue relations with a select groups of bloggers

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