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Military Children Deserve America’s Support

Recently an article was published on the Department of Defense website speaking about issues military children face. Dr. Biden called out to Americans proclaiming military children deserve our support and spoke about some important steps being taken to better address their needs. Supporting the troops means supporting their families, especially children-any service member with a family is more concerned with the well being of their family while they are away rather than their own.

Schools play and important role in the military children’s lives, and the challenge of changing schools due to relocations. Challenges such changing schools means transferring credits, getting to know new teachers and navigating a new school system are just some of the issues that face military children.

Dr. Biden gives another powerful example from one of her experiences:

Biden said she has not been able to stop thinking about a little girl a U.S. Army general in Iraq told her about when she visited there with her husband over the July 4 weekend. The general approached Biden and told her about a little girl in his six-year-old daughter’s class who burst into tears at a recent school concert when the band began playing “Ave Maria.” The girl explained to her teacher that the song was played at her father’s funeral after he was killed in Iraq.

Dr. Biden said it is important to educate community leaders, but especially school staff, in helping military families and children.” School faculty and staff are in a unique position to support children while they cope with having a parent deployed,” she said.

This is something that has affected over 2 million children since the September 11, 2001 and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. For those who make the ultimate sacrifices, it is important that measures are put in place to take care of their families in their absence.

To get the rest of this interesting article, follow this link:


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