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Soldier Artwork

Members of the military have a chance to express themselves through music to an extent that some have been getting signed to a record label called To The Fallen Records—a label that concentrates on those serving that create music. Recently, those that express themselves in a different form, through art are getting their chance to shine. The American public will get a chance to see for the first time more than 250 paintings and sketches by Soldiers at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia Sept. 24 through Jan. 10 2011.

More than 1,300 Soldier-artists have participated and there are about 15,000 pieces of art to be viewed. The collection includes never-before-seen artwork has been in storage in Washington since the start of the Army’s art program in World War I.

The exhibit will explore how Soldier-artists saw Army life, from trench warfare terror in 1918 to USO shows, field training to simple daily life like a morning shave in the Middle East. Mediums range from etchings, pen and ink, pencil, watercolor, charcoal as well as oil and acrylic paints.

Those interested in both military and American history may find this exhibit of interest. It is great to see Soldiers expressing themselves and documenting their experiences in various art forms.


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