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So You Think You Can Dance Deployment Routine

So You Think You Can Dance, the dance version of American Idol tends to explore serious themes through the art of dance. For the first time, they did a routine of a couple having to separate due to deployment. While it went fairly under the radar, it is an important moment where a mainstream show focused on something military couples and families go through and expressing it through an unusual art form.

A demographic that may not necessarily think, or be exposed to military issues got a chance to if nothing else briefly think about what those that are serving and their loved ones go through. It is a victory for the military community when that type of message can get across to those outside the community and that may not understand the types of sacrifices faced.


2 comments on “So You Think You Can Dance Deployment Routine

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  2. joe dem
    November 26, 2010

    Hi,There was an episode of ” So You Think You Can Dance” on that started with the song “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” by Busta Rhymes and the people were dancing to it…would you know what episode that would be? please email me if you know,Thanks

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