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Mrs. Biden Cameos on Army Wives

Army Wives is continuing to be successful in exposing the general public to issues military families are facing. While some individuals don’t believe particular hardships the families face are portrayed
in a realistic way, the Army has truly embraced the show. A special screening of an Army Wives episode that included a cameo by Mrs. Biden was held last week at Fort Belvoir and included members of the Army leadership that voiced their appreciation for what the show is doing.
“I was very impressed with the commitment of the production crew and the cast to accurately replicate the challenges of Army families,” said General Casey, Army Chief of Staff.

Having Mrs. Biden make an appearance adds to the credibility factor that the show is embraced by military and administration leadership. Mrs. Bidden agreed to go on the show because she wants to do all she can to keep America thinking about those in the military. To that end she has started a national challenge with Mrs. Michelle Obama to do small acts of kindness for military Families.

“I wish they [the American people] could see what Jill and I see as we go into Army hospitals or Thanksgiving dinners with Soldiers,” explained Vice President Joseph Biden. “What absolutely blows me away is the continued sense of patriotism and the desire to serve, even with those who are mortally wounded.”

The American public consumes a great deal of media; when media outlets are telling the story about those serving, chances are the people will take a look and most likely learn something about service members they did not know before. For those individuals not living in military communities, forms media and entertainment tend to be the biggest educators and informers on those serving. Shows like Army Wives do a great job of showcasing the challenges the home front faces and shedding light on military families and the sacrifices they make.


2 comments on “Mrs. Biden Cameos on Army Wives

  1. Mary Flanagan Taylor
    August 6, 2010

    Being an army wife for eight years was the toughest time in my life! Dr. Biden’s commitment to military wives commendable and I have a deep respect for her message of kindness! Coincidentally, I wrote on the subject, too, a few days ago.

    • majastevanovich
      August 6, 2010

      Great post Mary, thanks for sharing!

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