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Military continues to offer leadership opportunities to women

The issues women face as leaders continues to be a fascinating topic with dedicated research many publications emerging both in print and online.

It is no surprise that the military, an institution that prides itself in developing some of the finest leaders continues to extend opportunities to women.

A symposium dedicated to connecting women in the military will be held in San Diego this year, March 15 and 16. The theme of the Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium will be “Connect. Empower. Succeed,” Geared towards all the military branches, the women will have the opportunity to focus on their leadership development while also highlighting the achievements of women leaders on the front lines around the globe.

The opportunity for leadership development is a much coveted opportunity both men and women look for in potential employers. With women still not being equally represented in the top leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies it is an encouraging sign that the military puts emphasis on creating leadership opportunities for women as this symposium is an example of many other similar initiatives.

The chance for self improvement and life long learning are both very important and the military doesn’t fall short on either.

To learn more about the March symposium visit this Air Force story:


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