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Army goes (even more) digital

Army new Ad campaign

Army social media efforts, predominantly used to inform the public on all things Army have been getting praises from countless sources, including this blog on more than one occasion.

Army is looking to leverage their social media successes into their recruiting efforts.

Army top recruiting General, Lt. Gen. Freakly comments on his desire to share more of the experiences in an online platform.

“Describing rappelling and other activities that recruits go through in boot camp, is exciting stuff. Would I love to have those young people tweeting about that.”
Why can’t they? Well, “in the first three weeks of basic training, we take away your smartphone,” General Freakley said. “You don’t even get mail from home.”

Those policies may one day be changed, he said, in that “as digital natives join us” in larger numbers, “we’ll get the balance of that right.”

Continuing to leverage existing assets such as the blog, the Army is trying to add more interaction with potential recruits and sharing of content to the way they approach recruiting.

The new social media push is a result of the new ad campaign you can view here:

Using your own people as ambassadors is not a new concept, social media just allows us to make those ambassadors readily available. Plenty of other corporations are following suit and are using alternate ways to entice potential new employees. The new question becomes, how will the Army or anyone that employs a similar strategy keep their audience engaged over an extended period of time?

To read the full New York Times article where most of the info in this post is referenced from, follow the link:


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