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Over 15,000 jobs created for military spouses



I was honored to be invited to a conference call featuring Mrs. Obama and Joining Forces where a big announcement was made that over 15,000 jobs have been created for military spouses and veterans.

Mrs. Obama called military spouses talented, resilient and employable and expressed her gratitude for their flexibility and adaptability when it comes to employment. She commended them on all their unique sacrifice to our nation.

11 companies have stepped up to create over 15,000 jobs in the customer service, healthcare and telecomm industries, specifically designed for military spouses and veterans, jobs that can be done from anywhere in the country.  These jobs bring flexibility and portability necessary to the military spouse lifestyle, said the First Lady.

Mrs. Obama recognized these employers as supporting military families not just by their words by also through their actions by creating jobs.  She said this was just the beginning and she hopes more companies will follow suit.

The discussion centered on the need to create more flexible employment options and meet the needs of the evolving modern American family.  Mrs. Obama praised military spouses for leading the way in that arena and their ability to stay flexible.

A military spouse from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri joined the call and discussed how beneficial this type of program is from a perspective of someone that is living through it. She shared her experience with telework and expressed how this type of work is helpful in balancing family and multiple moves military families go through.

Mrs. Obama closed with saying how proud she is of military spouses and pledged to continue working on getting them the support they deserve and need, as we all ask so much of them.

This is very exciting news and hopefully a continued effort in hiring of military spouses, individuals who are often forgotten when we think about the sacrifices our military members make each and every day.

The First Lady says it best below: 

Just to put this in context so that people understand what these spouses go through, these men and women take on so much.  Just think of it — every couple of years they are packing up and they’re moving from state to state; oftentimes, they’re doing the work of two parents when their spouse is deployed for months at a time.  And like so many civilian families, they’re doing this all while balancing the demands of family, community, and trying to keep their own jobs together, all while hoping and praying that their loved one comes home safe.

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