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Football on YouTube…whaaaat?!?

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because ain’t nobody got time for proofreading! 😉

What’s up world?  It has been a while!  I really do need to get my writing groove back. Grad school has sucked the living life out of me…it’s been well over 6 months that I’ve wrapped up my degree but, part of me feels like I am still recovering.  I vow to more frequently check in here, this time, I am not kidding.

Today, I wanted to talk about something very important and near and dear to most of our hearts, football! Mashable recently published an article saying Google is in talks with the NFL to possibly bring the NFL Sunday Ticket to YouTube.  Check out the article for more: 

Now this would be a game changer, no pun intended! By now we’ve all figured out the digital realm has changed how we operate, consume and communicate in the physical.  NFL has held on to the traditional model of safe-guarding their content for so long, that this kind of change would really be a big deal, changing the way fans consume the game.  I personally can’t wait until the DirectTV monopoly is over, but this digital option makes me very excited for a number of reasons:

1)   Can this bring fans closer, make the game even more social?

2)   Will more access bring additional fans to the game?

3)   For a game perfectly made for TV, how will mass access to mobile devices affect the game…will this drive change? 

Besides those questions, I wonder if this move will help the NFL with their strong desire to spread to international markets and get more people across the world hooked on football.  Most importantly, this move could really secure Google as a media giant and heat up the wars between them and the rest of the media world in an even more intense way. Can’t wait to sit back and watch. In any case, let the season begin and Go Pack go! 


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