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Another Twitter update…why should we care?


Twitter gets a horrible rep from those who don’t use it as being too confusing and not intuitive. It seems as if there is a barrier to entry to some new users because they are intimidated by the format Twitter offers for interaction. Once users understand how the tool works, most get hooked very quickly…but the trick is to get them to actually start.  

The latest Twitter update, on which you can read all about here: offers a solution to a few of these problems that claim to make Twitter “confusing.” 

The ease of indexing conversations is probably the biggest and most worthy change, as it mirrors some of the other text based services and makes the experience of interacting more user friendly. 

Reporting spam also got a lot easier and can be done directly from the device, about time Twitter!

While the changes are minor, they are significant in making the platform more relevant and user friendly which will go a long way in attracting new users and keeping the current audience happy. 

One comment on “Another Twitter update…why should we care?

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    August 30, 2013

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