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Is there such a thing as Privacy?


Facebook loves to send us notes explaining the latest change to their privacy policy and how to opt in or opt out of the latest. Most don’t read this and for some it might end up in their spam folder. Even for those who read it, I am not sure how much of the information they actually digest. In the world we are living in today we’d be kidding ourselves if we think privacy in the online world truly exists. Sure, there are great precautions set in place to help with some of this, but the golden rule of thumb “don’t say anything on the interwebs you wouldn’t to a group of people” applies very much. At the end of the day, the name of the game with privacy on online networks is common sense.

Check out what is being said here:
In other news, did we ever think there was going to be a role called Chief Privacy Officer? Who knows what other fun titles social media will force us to create for the future. 

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