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Here’s to the greatest Reality TV Show…NFL Football!


In the spirit of football returning, I had to give the league props for keeping this sport on our mind even during off season. There aren’t many entities out there that can successfully keep an audiences’ attention practically year round. Football is always on one’s mind, weather it be the combine, or the draft, training camp or preseason, everything is an “event” in football which is partially why the game is so captivating. 

Seeping into popular culture, we see NFL players in other entertainment avenues and it seems as if NFL news read a little bit like tabloids to feed the gossip hungry audiences. This perfect-for-tv game has done almost everything right other than feed the digital beast, seeming to be too “old school” with their approach to social. This seems to be changing (see: and frankly, the NFL is kicking butt and taking names in every other arena that they will eventually catch up without much harm to the bottom line. 

Here’s to you football, for keeping the masses entertained and never failing to surprise us in the process! 

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