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Do we really need reminders not to be stupid on the internet? Oh yes we do!



It feels as if someone gets fired or not hired over a crazy Tweet or Facebook post almost on the daily. This always makes news in the marketing community and it’s starting to lose its shock value it once had because it happens way too often. This topic got my attention again once I read the below gem by Dave Kerpen.

The Difference Between Transparency and Stupidity


Best part here:

The bottom line: If you care at all about your career, there is a line between transparency and stupidity. I’m all for openness, honesty and transparency. But when in doubt, use the Mom Rule I love: Don’t tweet or share publicly anything that your mom wouldn’t approve of. If your mom is bigoted, well then, be better than she is, and keep it to yourself. Because the internet doesn’t forget.


This proves yet again the social media world is misunderstood. By now, most people figured out there is a need to have a very strong filter if you want your career to go anywhere, yet, often those same people are having a hard time applying this very rule to actions online. They treat their online presence as a separate, not a connected one. Wrong! There could be a variety of reasons that are causing this phenomenon, and whatever they may be at this point is insignificant, because we must focus on fixing this immediately. If we were ever in doubt if there was a need for Social Media etiquette course and/or “how to behave in the digital world” it is glaringly obvious, yes we need this. 


While some of this falls under the personal responsibility spectrum, PR people take note; it is YOUR responsibility to protect not just your leaders, but also all of your brand ambassadors, aka your employees.  At the very least, employees must be provided with tools on how to navigate in these waters and then follow up with trainings and refresher trainings to really drill in the point. People are the best ambassadors a company can have, and people that don’t know how to navigate social waters can be very dangerous, not just to their own careers but to your brand too! This issue is relevant to both employees and brands as it intersects both worlds.  Think twice before clicking send…



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