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Is it a missed opportunity not to have your “thought leaders” on the right social networks?

Most brands out there want their senior executives to be considered “thought leaders,” or influencers in their particular industry.  I read a great article recently that does a pretty good job explaining what exactly is up with the whole thought leadership phenomenon and what it means, consider reading it here: 
@Tim_Cook recently started tweeting which leads me to the question, if you want thought leaders, should you have them engage on social media networks and what value does that really provide? If we think of social media platforms as a giant and target chat rooms, the same reasons behind getting senior leaders on a speaking circuit applies here. Accessibility to both internal and external audiences is another reason to participate. Social media has a way to humanize these senior leaders as well as show why they are the experts they are. 
Why do we read auto biographies? We read because we want to get a glimpse or an insight into the life or a successful person or one we look up to, we want to know it takes to get there. Twitter provides this information real time and is something extremely powerful for both the external and internal audiences. In the age of self promotion, which frankly is what social media is so well suited for, it would be a miss not to have your senior leaders shaping the conversation. 

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