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Digital Marketing is Dead


I recently read a fabulous Ad Age column on the top five lessons that came out of Advertising Week 2013, if you have not read, you need to check out: 

What really sparked my interest was the brilliant dialogue by P&G that proclaims the end of the digital marketing era and reminds us this is just part of what we do now. While simplistic, this statement is important as not every company sees digital as just an ordinary way of doing business in today’s age, they still see it as uncharted territory. 
Digital seeps into all areas of marketing and communication and it has caused a fundamental shift in the way we communicate and consume information. Savvy brands have figured this piece out and integrate their digital efforts across disciplines and truly operate as if this is an ordinary way to do their business. It was refreshing to read that this discipline is really nothing groundbreaking (anymore) and as marketers and communicators we need to accept the fact this is just how business is done now. 

One comment on “Digital Marketing is Dead

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