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Real-Time marketing’s all the rage



I’ve always had the philosophy of being relevant when it comes to social media efforts. Positioning your brand in a relevant way to the bigger picture and what’s happening in society is key, and even more important being able to pull it off in an authentic manner.  There is nothing worse than the “mom syndrome.” Let me explain…every kid is embarrassed when their mom tries to act hip when that’s clearly not in her nature, it’s off-putting and moms should just stick to being moms. This applies the same way to brands that insist on trying to “connect” to audiences by not being their authentic selves. If you are a conservative brand, own up to who you are and be authentic, people will respect you much more. So, while real-time marketing requires relevance it also requires authenticity to the brand’s roots if success is expected.  


When discussing real-time marketing we can’t forget the importance of scheduling tools and how they have made all our lives easier.  While content calendars are a great way to plan the message and ensure a healthy stream of content is available, nothing can replace the value of relevance and the value real-time marketing can provide.  The social media world has heard time and time again about Oreo’s success during last year’s Super Bowl and the digital chief behind the effort gives us some great pointers here:


He makes a point to remind us that real-time marketing requires even more strategic thought and ensuring the right voice is used. Reminding us that it is critical to really understanding where the brand comes from and what it stands for.  In the marketing industry we tend to jump on a bandwagon of something if everyone’s doing it or if we see one case where something has worked, we try very hard to duplicate it.  The thing with real-time marketing—smart brands have been ensuring they are relevant for years, so this is nothing new. When it comes to social media it is critical to have a fine balance between a healthy stream of content (scheduling) and knowing when to tone it down, turn it up, or make a comment when it will benefit the brand (real-time marketing). 


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