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Together We Make Football–A storytelling masterpiece



We are halfway into the football season and the NFL’s “tell us your story” contest is picking up some steam. Between traditional advertising and social, the league has gotten the word out to fans to share their stories on how the game of football has touched their lives. The NFL wants YOU to share why you love the game. 

This campaign is a very clever way of marrying storytelling and social while providing clear evidence that in this country, football is much more than just a game. The campaign unites fans of all different passion points and shows that the demographic expands wider than we may think. Bottom line, while we may be very different in many respects, we all love us some football! 
This campaign has a very simple premise and is fairly easy to execute but is brilliant on the league’s part on creating engagement that actually means something for their brand. Together We Make Football elevates the NFL brand to much more than its obvious entertainment value, but instead, inspires the audience to think about bigger and more important themes. The NFL hasn’t particularly been known for its play in social, but with this campaign they will earn some credibility as they created an authentic way for fans to engage and create organic conversations. 

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