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Big day for the world’s biggest connector

Today’s a big day for Twitter and looking back over the years, it wasn’t too long that brands got engaged in the conversation. Ad Age came out with a walk down memory lane article with top brand’s first tweets, looking at them now, they almost seem funny and this was just a few years ago. Evidence for how much more sophisticated users and brands have gotten when it comes to this form of communication.  To see the article, check this out: 
Thank you Twitter for taking the down the barriers between both people and brands. As long as someone has a Twitter account, virtually anyone has access to them and a shot to strike up a conversation. When it comes to six degrees of separation phenomenon, this is pretty fascinating and empowering to know that we have the access into the thoughts and minds of the people we respect and look up to and brands and institutions we want want to connect with. Let the conversations flow! 

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