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Dot Complicated–Good guidebook for the digital age

I can actually say I was moved by Randi Zuckerberg’s book because it was so much more than your typical social media book, if such things even exist. She outlined the very real advantages and disadvantages to living in a digital age that we often don’t think twice about. I’ve always been a proponent of digital etiquette being taught at some level because as Randi points out, there’s still quite a bit of gray area in the way we conduct our business and life online.
She gives her perspective on careers, relationships, friendships and family in the world where we spend time on all these platforms that we don’t necessarily even understand fully. I was very impressed with her observations and will be doing a blog series on some important topics Randi brings up. I encourage everyone to read the book and would love to discuss further. Be on the lookout for future posts on the topic and as always thanks for reading.

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