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Social media skills are necessary in today’s job marketplace



As promised, I am going to dedicate some blog posts and discuss Randi Zuckerberg’s Dot Complicated, what I feel is a must read for all of us as we navigate the confusing landscape of living in the social media age. 

I had the opportunity to teach the topic of social media etiquette to diverse audiences, from college students to senior military leaders. When I first started teaching these seminars I felt a lot of the information was common sense and almost intuitive. What I took for granted was that I was part of the generation that was one of the first introduced to Facebook, but didn’t quite grow up on it, so the best of both worlds. 
Randi says is beautifully and puts in perspective with the below quote: 
In the end, the new rules of the digital world are like the old rules: they center on empathy, understanding, and common sense. Always put yourself in other people’s shoes, care about the real people on the other side of the screen, and most important, always make the effort to invest time and attention in the people you care about.
What seems to be lost to most is that our digital selves are becoming reflections of our actual selves. The idea of professional vs. personal social media practice seems ludicrous in an age where really everything you say and do is under a microscope. There is so much to say about that in particular that I will dedicate another blog post to it in the future. 
When talking about social media etiquette in particular it is important to note that “rules” of good behavior that apply offline apply online as well. Understanding the distinction between what is for private consumption vs. public seems to be one of the biggest gray areas. 
Have you ever “friended” or followed a co-worker, boss, or someone in your life and after doing so your opinion of them has drastically changed, and not for the better? This happens often as many people allow their inner crazy to surface on social media networks. Because of this and other factors, social media sill are going to become necessary in today’s marketplace. 
Below are some of my favorite pointers to keep in mind when engaging on social media networks. Randi elaborates on some of these in the book, so very much worth your time. 
  • Be Your Authentic Self–Online and Off
  • One small click of a button..major consequences, think before you post!
  • There’s no privacy or security setting that can save you from a friend’s bad judgement: know your crowd 
  • Volume: Understand each social network has its own rules of engagement, much more acceptable to post often on Twitter via Facebook 
  • What does the content you post say about your personal brand? Do you like what others can infer about you based on what you post?
  • Nobody likes jerks or bullies  in “real life” and the same applies to social media 
  • With a good story it’s possible to grab not only people’s attention but also their understanding 
  • The new rule of the digital world is like the old rule: practice common sense
Should a social media class become something we teach to our highschoolers, or even earlier? What do you think? 

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