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Hey, a little more storytelling please


No matter where you stand on the new healthcare law, one thing we can all agree on is what a time to be a communicator in this space! With all the changes that are happening, this is a pivotal time for brands, the government, NPOs and anyone having to do with the issue to be on top of their game. 

An article was recently published by some “top dogs” in the healthcare communication space and what they had to say about the matter. You can read more here:
Besides the obvious technology flaws that are plaguing a lot of this effort, I found their words of wisdom pretty spot on about regaining credibility, trust and of course about transparency. What I really found interesting was the last commentator, Matt Powell, chief information officer at KBS+ who suggested branded entertainment might be the way to address this issue. What he suggests is a narrative in a form of a story by individuals those targeted can relate to. I really loved this and wanted to point it out as storytelling is still such a powerful method of communication, especially for difficult to understand topics. Branded entertainment is a very interesting idea and approach to this problem. What an exciting time to be a healthcare communicator!   

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