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Blurrier the lines between storytelling & content, the better



No matter what industry or practice one is in, audiences expect marketers to provide them value. You provide value 80% of the time, you’re allowed to “market” the other 20% time and be forgiven. The importance of content is gaining importance in the over saturated marketplace where everyone is “doing” social media. Time and time again we get reminded about the importance of storytelling and this is something I am personally very passionate about. I cam across a commentary by Michael Engleman that really hits home on some really important points. For the full article, go here:


Key Insight No. 1: Storytelling is for Everyone

Enabling consumers to actively participate in the storytelling is increasingly as important as the story itself. The more a consumer can customize and reshape a story, the more personally meaningful it becomes to them, and the more deeply they want to be involved in it.

This is a great point. This goes far beyond user generated content, instead, goes in accordance with the “pick your own ending” books that were popular at one point. Social media really allows for this type of action. 

Key Insight No. 2: The Blurrier the Lines Between Marketing and Content the Better

Today, a marketer’s job is to bring people into the story by becoming storytellers ourselves. In the same way creating more immersive content resonates with consumer, so does creating more immersive marketing where the message is important, but almost secondary to the story we’re telling. It’s the story that creates the emotional connection, opens up the relationship with consumers on their own terms, so they can, on a platform of their choice, on their own time, find their own way in.


This point really harps on “content is king” sentiment and goes back to a value proposition. If audiences feel like there is a perceived value there, (entertainment, information, etc.) much more likely to keep those eye balls put. 

Key Insight No. 3: Thank You for Sharing: The New Rules for Socializing

  • Share Early

  • Share Often

  • Share Stuff Worth Sharing

  • Share with Influencers

  • Listen…storytelling is a two-way street

Not much to add to this one, again, Michael hits the nail on the head. 

Key Insight No. 4: None of It Matters Without Authenticity

Just because something is technically possible is not a good enough reason to do it. Old school storytelling fundamentals are as important as ever. If we’re going to use digital and social tools to let fans further into the storytelling process, we need to work even harder to ensure we’re creating entertaining and interesting experiences.

This might be the most important point of all.  Doing social for the sake of doing it is not a good enough reason. It is also very easy to spot non authentic behavior by brands which ends up turning audiences off even further. Staying true to the brand voice, persona and inner being is just as important on social media as it is elsewhere. 

While technology and social media have given us the room to be more creative and the capability to do some really interesting things, the same sound principles of communication that were applied ages ago still very much apply today. 


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