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Army National Guard Gets Creative With Social Media

While all the services are meeting and exceeding their recruiting goals, the Army National Guard is continuing to look to most creative ways to reach out to their target audience. The military as a whole is doing a great job using social media to share information and engage with the public. As far as recruiting is concerned there aren’t very many standout stories of efforts that include social media. The Guard is changed that with their new campaign Moments of Pride,

The campaign relies on the public information from Facebook and integrates users pictures into an experience with the National Guard, such as a typical drill weekend or state active-duty station. The application relies on story telling and putting a perspective recruit in situations that would simulate experiences in the National Guard. The campaign uses the power of social media to allow participants to become a part of the National Guard’s story. 

 Chief Warrant Officer Bell says: “It’s a pretty powerful message that makes you feel like a part of something bigger.” Considering that Gen Y responds to a greater calling this campaign should work well for the National Guard. It is refreshing to see an innovative campaign that doesn’t rely on traditional advertising to get its message across.


One comment on “Army National Guard Gets Creative With Social Media

  1. Rich
    April 16, 2010

    This is very cool. It makes me proud to be a part of the community.

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